Reshaft Service for an iron or metal wood                                                                  $18.99*

Regrip Service for any club                                                                                             $  2.99*

Lengthen or Shorten Club                                                                                              $  7.99*

Remove Broken Shaft                                                                                                      $  8.99*

Tighten Loose Head                                                                                                         $  8.99*

Hot Melt  (per .oz)                                                                                                             $  2.50*

spine alignment (per shaft with no head)                                                                     $  4.00*

F.L.O (flat line oscillation)                                                                                                 $  5.00*

lead tape (per gram)                                                                                                         $  1.00*

Swing Weighting clubs recommended after shorting or lengthening   

*Cost is for service only.  Swing Grips range in price from $5-10.

Putter Grips range in price from $5-35

No Charge for service to your house or office.


Chicagoland's only mobile golf club re-gripping service is proud to offer you a fully mobile golf club re-gripping van. Providing you with the latest in golf grips. Call today and schedule an appointment for a time that is convenient for your schedule. We will come to your home, office or even golf course. Have a golf outing? Call today and have us out there, providing your golfers with new grips for their next round.